We wanted to create a place where people can come and do life together.

At Qtown Coffee we exist first and foremost as a third place for Quakertown.  What is a third place?  We see it as a place for people to hang out, “do life together” and connect with each other.

We are a first-class fully operational specialty coffeehouse. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Why? Because we desire to:

LOVE Quakertown  |  SERVE Quakertown  |  REVITALIZE Quakertown

Ways You Can Help


We will need volunteers to both help us in renovations before we officially open and volunteers to help in the coffee shop when open. If you are interested in giving us a hand—just shoot us a message about what you’re interested in and we’ll be in touch!


Because this is a non-profit we are relying on donations to help us get up and running and then our goal is to give back. Any little bit helps and we truly appreciate your support! 

Spread the Word

Businesses have the best chance of success when the community is supportive, patient, and empathetic. Once we get up and running—we want to give back to the community, but we can’t do it without your support and encouragement! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not yet. Since this is such a dire need for Quakertown, we want to ensure that we are taking the right steps to execute this vision exceptionally well. That means that we will not commit to a physical space until we have the finances in hand to make such a commitment. That being said, we have looked at many possible locations already and we will continue to explore more options. If you become aware of a space that may be attractive, please contact us. We know that in order for our vision to be effective, we need to find a prime location in the downtown area.

  • We are pursuing the path of a non-profit community coffee house which means that we are raising money from individuals, organizations and groups for start-up. We feel this helps us to build community ownership of the coffee house and makes it a community effort. We are constantly searching for more investors who resonate with our vision and realize that the return on their investment is seen in community benefit and revitalization. We have learned that this is a process which cannot happen overnight. It involves building relationships and community, which is ironically what we seek to create once we open. To us failure is not an option, so we are doing diligence, research and preparing. This may take longer than originally hoped or anticipated, but in the end it will be worth it.

  • We have submitted our 501c3 application to the IRS and are awaiting their decision. We have been told that if our 501c3 status is granted, the tax exemption for donations will be retroactive.

  • No. We have said from the start that our desire is to create a desperately needed “third place” in Quakertown for people to spend time, hang out, and do life together. Creating the space is the priority. We will sell coffee, but we also anticipate selling tea and other beverages. We plan to offer prepared foods and possibly more, but this is still being developed.



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We will send our updates to your inbox so you can stay informed and in the know.