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Where coffee meets community

Qtown Coffee is a new coffeehouse opening on Broad Street in Quakertown, PA. Our desire is to: Love Quakertown, Serve Quakertown, Revitalize Quakertown.

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    • Jul 18

    We are Proud to Announce…

      You have all probably noticed that things have been quiet for Qtown Coffee over the past few months. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. But, sometimes, things don’t go the way you envision they will. Following our 501(c)3 approval, we were supposed to ride the momentum – the excitement and the enthusiasm of our supporters – to the fruition of our vision in a physical site. However, at the time, the finances and right real estate opportunity just weren’t there to make it happen. It wasn’t the right timing. Then, with Mike’s relocation and the reorganization of our leadership, it took us some time to find our footing. It seemed we had reached an impasse. Things hadn’t gone the way we thought they...

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    • Jun 5

    Mike’s story (update)

    We shared with you recently that we are going through a bit of a transition here at Qtown Coffee.  A few months ago I accepted a new job causing me to relocate to Dallas, Texas.  As much as I was convinced this was the right decision for me and my family, my heart was heavy about what this would mean for the future of Qtown Coffee. I met with our board before I left in late March to discuss my circumstances and our path forward.  We came away from that meeting with a commitment from our board to carry on the banner but also realistically recognizing that they could not commit the same amount of time to the cause as I had. That resulted in...

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